Why Vietnam?
Beautiful natural landscape and scenery, pristine charming beaches, friendly locals or delicious street food, there are so many reasons for Vietnam tourism to be highly scored in the eyes of international travelers.


Let us tell you TOP 10 REASONS why Vietnam should be on plan for your next vacation

1. Breathtaking landscape

Vietnam is simply beautiful. It almost has every kind of natural landscape all within one country. From one region to the next, each had its own natural beauty to offer, each unique and each different from the region before.

In Sa Pa we found the most beautiful lush green rice paddy landscapes, cascading down mountainsides down to the valleys below. In the northeast, we found the most incredible limestone islands protruding out of the Ha Long Bay waters. Central Vietnam offered some gorgeous beaches, marble mountains and gorgeous countryside scenery surrounding the villages, whilst the South holds the Mekong river. Your senses will always feel alive in Vietnam, always something new to take in, something new to appreciate.

2. The Vibrant, Fresh And Delicious Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is popular all over the world so why not come taste it at its source. Women somehow whip up delicious meals out of the contents of a single bag on the side of the road and tiny street stalls fill the alleyways offering up papaya salads and the popular meat and noodle soup, Pho. Fried and fresh spring rolls are served up at the markets and the amount of delicious dipping sauces can make your head spin. Try the giant seafood filled pancakes, the grilled corn on the cob or the warm banana cake in a coconut milk sauce.

Each region of Vietnam offers its own specialities together with choices of the more traditional versions of their cuisine. Food in Vietnam is absolutely delicious. Our recommendation? Just try everything!

Vietnamese cuisine

3. The culture

The culture of Vietnam is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, with the ancient Bronze age Dong Son culture being widely considered one of its most important progenitors

Vietnamese culture may be still mysterious and unknown to most people outside the country. Getting to know Vietnam and Vietnamese culture is interesting and fascinating

4. The history

Vietnam’s history is one of its main draws for tourists. The country is filled with educational sites for visitors that documents the Vietnam war and other historic events. Start in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, and visit the emotion inducing war museum and imperial palace. You can see old war planes scattered around the city and visit the Cu Chi war tunnels to get an insider look at what the war was like for many soldiers. Scattered around the city are war monuments and in Hanoi, you can even visit the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh himself. Whether you like history or not, there is no doubt that you will learn a thing or two just by being in the country.

5. Friendly locals

Everywhere you go, you will be welcomed by smiles and kind helps from the locals- whether they know Vietnamese or not. For instance, Hue locals are famous for their elegance, while Hoi An people are well known with their honesty. If you have time to spend in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, you will even be more surprised and inspired by the way you are received by local farmers. Get impressed!

Floating Market

6. Perfect destination for coffee lovers

The coffee is pretty unique in Vietnam and actually forms a large part of our culture. Here the Vietnamese coffee is part of socialising and as a result you can find this drink in different forms, formats and styles – something to suit most tastes and satisfy most desires!

In Vietnam you can find coffee shops in every street corner. Just step into any coffee shop, order a cup of black coffee or coffee with condense milk, simply sit down and enjoy watching people crossing the streets.

Vietnamese Coffee

7. Ideal place for off-the-beaten-track travel experiences

Vietnam offers unique and off-the-beaten-track travel styles, which can satisfy the diverse needs of all travelers. From visiting and exploring daily life of ethnic minorities in northern mountains, rock climbing in Cat Ba island near Halong Bay, to capturing the sunrise in Hoi An or sand sliding in Mui Ne, Vietnam gives you chances to creatively enjoy the country’s beauty in your very own way.

Hon Bay Canh

8. World famous beaches

With a coastline that stretches across the country, it is quite easy to understand why there so many beaches that get listed on top beaches of the world. Nha Trang is a good place for you to truly explore the surfing game. Da Nang Beach is usually known as a home for romantic resorts perfect for honeymooners and young families, while Mui Ne welcomes you with pristine landscape, tempting dinners full of fresh seafood dishes….

Ha Long Bay

9. The affordability

Even for a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam is cheap. Travelling here will stretch your money farther and wider and will allow you to have a more enjoyable trip
Vietnam’s traveling costs are relatively lower than many other countries in the world. Restaurants and hotels have expanded and become more and more diversified in order to match with different categories of travelers, from luxury lovers to low-budget travelers.

10. Easy to apply for visa

Foreign visitors can easily apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in their countries, with a fast and simple procedure. It takes around only 1 week for the result after you submit visa application to Vietnam Embassy.

Planning your trip to Vietnam now!