Ba Lua archipelago (quần đảo Bà Lụa) is an archipelago locating in the gulf of Thailand. It constitutes sơn hải commune of Kien Luong district, Kiên Giang province, Vietnam. The archipelago is known as “Little Ha Long Bay of the south”.

Ba Lua archipelago

According to the remaining traces, Ba Lua Archipelago was the last fragment of Ta Lon Mountain Range and created during the movement of the earth crust hundreds of millions of years ago. Spreading over an area of ​​about 70km², Ba Lua Archipelago consists of more than 40 islands and islets.

Ba Lua archipelago

Among the 45 islands, only 10 are inhabited with just a few thousand people on each. They are named according to their shapes and island folklore such as Hon Heo (Pig Islet), Hon De (Goat Islet) or Hon Ong Nhum (Mr.Nhum Islet), Hon Dua (Coconut Islet).

One of the most must-see cave in Ba Lua Archipelago is Tien Cave, which is 150 meters long through the inside of a mountain following the axis of the southwest and northeast, is a masterpiece of nature. Winding between towering walls carved by erosion, this 150-metre-long cave leads to a nice sandy beach. Therefore, tourists often enter the southwestern gate to visit the cave and when going out, they can take a bath at a dreamlike beach.

Ba Lua archipelago

On the islands, easy to catch snails, oysters, crabs and clams on the rocky reefs for your own private grilled seafood party. The colorful dawns and sunsets are unforgettably romantic.

There are no tourism services there, so come prepared to camp with hammocks, tents, flashlight, lighters, knife, water and food. Tourists also can ask boat owners to prepare food for them.


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