There are many beautiful places for diving in Nha Trang. However, Mun Islet has been the most favorite destination for its good location. Situated in the southern part of Nha Trang Bay in Khanh Hoa Province, Mun Islet has many coral, which is great for diving. Below the depth of 5 metres the coral is a spectacular sight.

Mun Islet

Located 10 kilometers from the city, it takes 15 minutes to reach by boat and is so popular that it’s likely to have ten boats moored off its shores at any one time. The islet is the scene for well-known sites such as “Madonna Rock” and “Coral Garden” where divers can view a kaleidoscope of bright fish and coral. In the black stone caves of Mun Island, every year flocks of swallows arrive in migration to build their nests. Due to the island’s location adjacent to the hot sea currents of the equator, suitable for the development of corals and an abundance of sea creatures, the seabed of Hon Mun is home to a wealth of marine species. It’s an interesting and useful place for researchers, oceanographers and tourists to observe and explore more of our aquatic world.

Mun Islet

Reaching depths of five to ten meters, tourists can enjoy the wonderful sights of the underwater world thanks to the multicolored and diverse beauty of the coral. Diving deeper, tourists might bump into the occasional ten-kilo grouper as it lurks near the coral, or meter-long eels and huge anchovy shoals. If you have a more adventurous spirit, you can dive deeper to around 15 to 18 meters, past the corals to reach the sea caves. Diving experts often remark as to the uniqueness of Hon Mun’s caves, in which visitors can see creatures living inside such as shrimps, octopus and skates with the assistance of a lamp.

Mun Islet

Mun Islet, 160km2 in area with about 38km2 of ground and around 122km2 of surrounding water area, is attractive thanks to its white sand, blue sea water and the swallow’s nests on cliffs. The island is also well-known as one of the richest and most beautiful “aquariums” in East Sea.

The marine ecosystem in Mun Islet is extremely abundant. According to statistic, there are about 2,000 species of coral and 1,500 marine creatures in the world.



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