Hai Tac, literally translated as “Pirate” archipelago, 30 km from Ha Tien township, is a new tourist attraction in Kien Giang province. The pristine natural landscapes of this place are amazingly beautiful. 

Dao Hai Tac - Kien Giang

Hai Tac archipelago comprises 16 islands. These islands have been called the Pirate Islands from a long time ago, because they have been related to many myths and legends about the pirates that existed in the 19th century, when Vietnam was in chaos. Especially, the existence of a pirate group led by a disreputable man from Thất Sơn District (his name is still unknown) – the person who was wanted by the government because he accidentally murdered a Western merchant in a fight. This pirate group used the deserted islands in the southwest gulf as places for them to hide out and burry the treasures that they stole. Thick forests and favorable landscapes with many hills on these islands helped this group of pirate to appear suddenly and ambush the merchant boats that went pass the southwest sea of Vietnam. “Black Sail” pirate group was also very popular at the time who was led by famous leaders such as Năm Bùn, Sáu Minh, Năm Lộc… One of these leaders was Tư who loved a Thailand girl and left the “Black Sail”. After he left, this pirate group was dissolved.

Dao Hai Tac - Kien Giang

Hòn Tre Vinh Island is located in the Pirate Islands which include sixteen islands with odd names such as Hòn Kèo Ngựa, Hòn Kiến Vàng, Hòn Đồi Mồi, Hòn Chơ Rơ, Hòn Tre Lớn, Hòn Tre Vinh, Hòn Gùi, Hòn Ụ, Hòn Giang, Hòn Đước… 40 km from Phú Quốc Island. In particular, Hòn Tre Lớn Island (is commonly called Hòn Đốc Island) is considered to be the center of the Pirate Islands, where the legendary milestone that symbolizes Vietnam’s sovereignty over these islands is located.

Hòn Tre Vinh Island is unspoiled and peaceful, with the whispering sound of the waves, and cool breeze from the sea which will bring visitors the feeling of being closer to nature. There are beautiful beaches on this island where visitors might be able to walk or scuba dive for watching corals.

For visitors to experience how a true fisherman does his hunting around this island, net or fishing rod services will be provided to catch the fishes, crabs, squids, clams or snails with the support of professional local fishermen. These experiences will bring excitement for any visitor who comes to this island.



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