Sitting in a tub of mud feels as odd as it sounds, but it has become a quintessential Nha Trang experience. The mud is purported to have all sorts of healthy, healing properties. 

Mud bath I-Resort

Mud bath is soaking in a bath containing mineral mud. Mineral mud is a natural mud formed from the change of geology, mineral mud derived from plants such as trees, flowers, grass buried or from land created mineral mud.

Mineral mud includes ingredients: organic, inorganic, carbon-containing substances and easy to absorb water. It can treat a number of diseases such as chronic arthritis, tuberculosis, insomnia, sciatica, stress, psoriasis. Besides that, mud bath therapy also adjusts endocrine disorders, makes beautiful skin and smooth, youthful and toned.


I-resort hot mineral springs, where you can relax and cherished body immersion service luxury mud, hot mineral and contemplate life in both traditional and modern architecture, a meditation space interspersed with nature characterized by rural Vietnamese village. I-resort Nha Trang – the choice for a perfect vacation.

Mud bath I-Resort

After buy ticket you are shown to the changing room where you will receive free a towel, swim wear water and locker. There are two separate areas for men and women. warm mineral water from the shower at the end of the changing room will get you ready for the next stage …then go to the mudbath area with a capacity of 500 guests at a time . These mud tubs are located outdoors under the big trees. You will soaking mud 20mins. Mud has a high mineral content with other trace elements, especially bromine so after soaking mud, you are stimulated on the skin, adjusting hormonal disorders, beautiful skin, smooth and firm.Due to the stickiness, mineral mud is considered as natural cosmetic which can effectively cleans and rejuvenates the skin, leaves it finer and mudbath area still has hydrotherapy cave and fountain help relax your body. Behide, there are 9 mineral waterfalls service for visitors to play after soaking mud.

Leaving mudbath area, you go to the mineral swimming pool. There are 2 pools for adult with jaccuzzi in this, 3 pools for childs with a different depth and size for you to choose. Especialy, there has a big soaking pool for guests who don’t want to swim. Furthermore, these waterfalls system and bamboo tips help to relax and all tired feeling will disappear after a few minutes.

Mud bath I-Resort

Services of I-resort have been proved to be useful for health care. In addition to the universal service, if you want hight requirement, we will serve the full service including mud baths, herbal mineral soak, massage, snack,fruit …in a private a private, quiet space with nature, where you will find a gentle time with family and friends. The excellent quality of the service package will definitely make you satisfied.

Moreover, services of massage, steam bath, are available for you. Our spa list include the method of soothing the soul and nourish the body. material is created from the essences of flowers, fruits, flowers, rocks, salt, shells and herbs, all combine to help improve your health. Bring nutrients to the body.

Mud bath I-Resort

Near swimming pool is the restaurant with 450 seats in a open space, serving European , Asian dish and specialties seafood made ​​by professional chefs, to create not only delicious meals but also to ensure food hygiene and safety, is sure to make you satisfied.


Add: Xuan Ngoc, Vinh Ngoc, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa
Open daily 07:00 – 20:00
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