Falling down from stunning mountains at 40m height, spreading more than 100 meters of 7 rock levels, the Pongour Waterfall also known Seven Level waterfall is called “the most magnificent waterfall of Indochina”.

Located in a rugged landscape of splendid mountainous area, 50 kilometers from the romantic city of Dalat, Pongour Waterfall welcomes visitors by exotic winding roads of lush trees and breathtaking backdrops. Once traveling here, “cosmopolitan souls” will be definitely bewitched by the surreal nature, amazed by hundreds of vivid wildflowers.

Pongour Waterfall

According to K’Ho magnanimous legend, in the old time, this land was managed by a beautiful woman named Kanai (a head of a Kho tribe). She was very good at conquering dangerous animals. Among those, there were four big rhinoceros which always obeyed her commands; to change waste land to cultivate and to fight against enemies. Suddenly, one spring, she was dead on the full- moon day of the first month. That made the four rhinoceros very sad, they didn’t eat anything just sit by their boss until they died.

Then, one morning, native people here saw that the place where she was born had a splendid waterfall. They told that Kanai hair turned into the water and rhinoceros horns turned into fossil stones to be arranged into order. It symbolized the attachment of human and nature.

Pongour Waterfall

While the water is rapidly and strongly flowing, it is blocked by rolling rocks and stones, torn into dozens of streams stretching vertical cliffs. Layers and layers of waters pour down creating white foam and magical cool air. Travelers can feel the good smell of natural steam and the cool atmosphere from long distances.

Between the two sides of rugged cliffs is a tranquil lake which contrasts to the powerful waterfalls. This is where people find the balance in their souls, the freedom in their spirits. Every stress and worry seems to be cooled off by the waters and relieved by the fairy landscape of Pongour waterfall.

Pongour Waterfall

Pongour is the destination for those who are looking for a tranquil place to shelter after busy days and those who love to conquer the extraordinary nature. Note down Pongour Waterfall into your bucket list when you travel to Da Lat – Vietnam as it is really worth your time and definitely satisfy your wanderlust.



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