The 1.2 kilometer long path snaking through a red basaltic soil hill with sculptures carved out of its sides is set to become a popular tourist attraction in Da Lat.

Located near the famous Tuyen Lam Lake, the path embodies the vision of its founder Trinh Ba Dung to tell the history of the city in a uniquely creative way.

Clay sculptures

Sculptures on the walls of the path purport to tell the story of Da Lat from more than 100 years ago, when the area was wild and teeming with wildlife, when it was sparsely inhabited by the Co Ho ethnic minority.

Various Co Ho myths including the fleeing of the father tortoise and his children while the mother tortoise fights a huge snake are etched into the wall. The story indicates that the Co Ho were a matriarchal society….

Clay sculptures

This clay sculptures originated from two ideas, reproducing a primitive Da Lat and also a famous resort and tourism city with its cultural and social identity. Visiting the tunnel, tourists have a chance to learn more about the history of the founding and development of the city.

For years, Da Lat has been known as a charming city with vast flowers gardens, winding mountain passes, green pine forests and amiable people. This city is now famous for yet another appealing attraction – this unique clay sculptures. Come and discover it for yourself.



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