Cu Lan Village, about 20km away from Da Lat in Lat Commune, Lac Duong District in Central Highlands Lam Dong Province, is located in a valley of 30ha amid the vast greenness of pine trees. The local cool air plus its beautiful scenery has attracted many visitors from near and far.

Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan village is named after a local plant species that flourishes between the rows of pine trees. Cu Lan is also the Vietnamese word for a sloth that lives near the village.

The village is nestled in a forest at the foot of Lang Biang mountain in Lac Duong district, 20km from Da Lat. Here, the K’ho, one of the 54 ethnic groups of Viet Nam, live in stilt houses that lean against the steep slope.

Cu Lan Village

Standing on top of green stone steps paved on the path that winds its way up the hill side, we looked down and saw a small, peaceful commune of the ethnic K’ho people with a stream nearby amid a forest of blooming flowers. Located in a flat area, covered with green grass, it is seen as the “heart” of Cu Lan Village. Rows of stilt houses stand next to each other where the local ethnic people are living.

Cu Lan Village

A local villager told that the commune has been a residence of the K’ho people for centuries. It is now divided into small parts, each providing some kind of service to the tourists. Along the hamlet lanes, varieties of flowers are growing, making the environment wholesome and beautiful

Visitors to Cu Lan Village would hardly forget valuable moments after enjoying the local scenery – cool and wholesome, natural, magnificent and romantic. The cultural identities of the ethnic Central Highlanders, which have been well preserved, fascinate all visitors and have become a treasure of the site.



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