Located about 70 km to the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnel is the miniature of the creative and transformed battle of Cu Chi people and soldiers in the fierce fight, lasting for 30 years against the aggressors for independence, freedom of the country.

Cu Chi Tunnel

With its victory scale, Cu Chi tunnel went into the history of heroic struggle of the Vietnamese as a legend of the 20th century and became famous in the world. This is a unique and incomparable wonder with 250 km tunnel spreading like cobwebs underground, with the completion of works associated with the tunnels such as trenches, docks, fighting places, tunnels for eating, sleeping, meetings, activities, military, food storage, water wells, Hoang Cam stoves..

At first, there were only short and simple structured sections, used to conceal documents, weapons, hiding soldier’s opearting in enemy territory. Later, it spread to the communes. From 1961 to 1965 the guerrilla war of the people in Cu Chi had grown rapidly, causing huge losses to the enemy, contributing to defedt the strategic “special war” of the American. Six communes in the north of Cu Chi had completed the “backbone” tunnel. Then, the agencies and units developped branch tunnels connecting with the “backbone” (Main Street), an interconnected tunnel system.

The tunnel system runs squirming in the ground, from the “backbone” spreading numerous branches of diferent lengths, connecting together or independently end, depending .on the terrain. There are many branches to Saigon River, so in emergency case, they could cross the river to the base of Ben Cat (Binh Duong).

Cu Chi Tunnel

The tunnel is not too deep but is able to against heavy artillery and tanks, armored vehicles, deep combat sections and small bombs. There are structural sections from two to three floors (upstairs called the “upper”, downstairs called “low”). Place up and down between the floors; there is a secret hatch cover. In the tunnel, there are necessary stop points to prevent the enemy or toxic chemicals sprayed by the enemy. There are narrow passages, pretty small to go through. Along the tunnel, there are vents discreetly disguised and carved up the ground with many secret doors. Countless doors are structured as combat, sniper gun emplacements very flexibly. This is the sudden t the enemy. Under the single tunnel in important coverage areas, there are jaws, nail holes, pitfalls…

Around the covers of the bunkers, there are many nail holes, mine left (called dead area), including anti-tank landmines and cluster bombs against wheels helicopter shooting down, to destroy and prevent military enemy approaching.

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