In 2017, Hoi An City continues cooperating with the Embassy as well as other Japanese agencies and organizations to to hold “The 15th Hoi An- Japan Cultural Exchange, 2017” from 18 – 20 August 2017 in Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hoi An – Japan cultural exchange is the most outstanding event of Hoi An City in recent years. It is the cultural, spiritual and friendship fusion of the past that has become the invisible cord connecting people from two different countries with the present and the future. 14 years after the first event, it has still left in the hearts of the participants a lot of good feelings about the friendship and solidarity between the two nations.

As the milestone marking 15 years of cooperation between Hoi An and Japan, the festival is supposed to include many impressive events and interesting activities. This year’s program features  the reappearance of the wedding procession of Princess Ngoc Hoa and Japanese trader Araki Sotaro which will march around the ancient town to commemorate Princess Ngoc Hoa who helped build the relationship between Viet Nam and Japan.

In particular, the opening program will start at 7.30pm on 19 August 2017 and the art exchange program at An Hoi Sculpture Garden with the involvement of popular singers in Viet Nam and Japan, such as: Min, Ueno Yuuka, ONE ASIA Joint Concert, Hanoi Sennen Yosakoi Dance Team, etc. In addition, Cosplay performance, Origami, boat race, martial art performances of Karate and Vovinam, trying on Yukata, etc will bring the audiences a new and exciting experience of Japanese culture in Hoi An.

15th Hoi An – Japan Cultural Exchange 2017

Time Activity Venue
August 18, 2017
16:00-17:00 “1 hour for a cleaner Hoi An” Hội An city
18:00-18:45 The opening of the walking and non-motorised vehicle street The old-well relic
17:00-20:00 World Cosplay Summit 2018  An Hội Sculpture Garden
19:30-20:45 Photography exhibition “The diversity of Vietnam culture” by Réhahn
20:00-21:00 Hội An – Japan art exchange
August 19, 2017
08:00-11:00 Boat racing “Hoi An  – Japan and tourists” Hoai river
16:00-16:45 The inauguration of the public toilet sponsored by Takara Kazik- 138 Trần Phú street
16:30-18:00 – Street art exchange: Yosakoi dance, Judo and Karatedo performance
– The wedding procession of princess Ngọc Hoa và Japanese trader  Araki Sotaro”
Japanese Bridge area
16:45-17:30 Hoi An – Japan art exchange Kazik- 138 Trần Phú street
15:00-17:00 Stick pushing Châu Thượng Văn street
15:00-18:00 Soccer bowling  An Hội Sculpture Garden
17:00-18:00 Hội An – Japan art exchange
19:30-21:00 The opening ceremony of the 15th Hội An – Japan Cultural Exchange
August 20, 2017
15:00-17:00 Sack race Châu Thượng Văn street
15:00-18:00 Soccer bowling An Hội Sculpture Garden
16:00-18:00 – Street art exchange: Yosakoi dance, Judo and Karatedo performance
– The wedding procession of princess Ngọc Hoa và Japanese trader  Araki Sotaro”
Japanese Bridge area
19:30 Closing ceremony An Hội Sculpture Garden
Regular activities (August 18-20, 2017)
08:00-22:00 – Photography exhibition “14 years of cooperation and exchange”
– Hoi An – Japan handicraft exhibition
– Photography and object exhibition about Cham Island
An Hội Sculpture Garden
Green corner Châu Thượng Văn street
Japanese old traces tour Hoi An city
Hộii An bird’s nest service  An Hội Sculpture Garden
Quangnam – Japan tourism promotion
09:00-22:00 – Trying on Yukata
– Origami paper folding
17:00-22:00 Folk games and experiences:
+ Coconut leaf folding
+ Try to be a lantern artisan
+ Learn how to make paper lantern
+ Pot breaking games
+ Origami paper folding
+ Vietnamese and Japanese games for children


It;s my goal to share with you an experience that will leave you with memories of my country

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