Quang Binh provincial authorities have approved the operation of a trial ecological tour to explore Vom and Gieng Vooc caves from July 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019, according to an announcement by the local People’s Committee on July 11.

The tour is operated by the Quang Binh-based Viet Hung Trade and Tourist Com.Ltd.

According to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park’s Management Board, Vom cave is 4 kilometres from the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The mouth of the cave is 100 metres wide and 50 metres high. There is a lake in front of the cave’s mouth, requiring that visitors swim across to access the cave.

Vom and Gieng Vooc caves

Inside the cave is a sinkhole, which is 200 metres high and 50 metres wide, and an underground stream which runs to the Chay River.

Gieng Vooc Cave is 400 metres long, with streams and four lakes within it. Although the cave is short, it can amaze explorers with its beautiful and spectacular stalactites.

According to the tour providers, visitors taking the tour are offered exciting activities such as stream wading, slope climbing, and camping overnight in the forest as well as getting to admire the diverse ecosystem.


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