The website of Asia One Travel has just introduced top 5 must-tries for adventure addicts in Asia, including kitesurfing in Mui Ne Beach, Binh Thuan Province, Viet Nam.


According to the Asia One Travel, Mui Ne offers many exciting water sports like windsurfing, surfing, jet-skiing, and kayaking. “Similar to but not the same as regular surfing or windsurfing, in kite-surfing, you ride a modified surfboard or kiteboard on the waves while holding onto a specially-designed parachute-like kite, relying on only the wind to push you forward.”

Kitesurfing has been imported into Viet Nam for more than 15 years. And Mui Ne Beach is the most favourable location to experience this sport thanks to ideal wind condition.

Top 5 must-tries in Asia also consist of indoor skydiving in Singapore, snorkelling in Palawan (Philippines), trek to Everest Base Camp (Nepal), and bungee jumping in Macau (China).

Mui Ne Kitesurfing:

Mui Ne is a kitesurfer’s paradise, and competes with Boracay in The Philippines as the kite surfing capital of Southeast Asia, drawing wind- and kite-surfers from around the world due to its consistent cross onshore winds

The best time to head to Mui Ne for wind- and kitesurfing is October to the end of March. Peak time is December and January. Winds are not as strong outside these months and while schools endeavour to find an area of coast and time of day with ideal conditions, the monsoon does make for inconsistent wind and waves.

Learning is not cheap. Expect to pay US$50-60 per hour of instruction. Enthusiasts say that once you are able to get up and travel a bit, you will be hooked for life.


Mui Ne Kitesurf School  is a professional, reputable school.  All teachers are IKO certified, with instruction available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Vietnamese.  A full beginner course will cost around US$400-500. Add: 42 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Binh Thuan.

Another popular school is Jibe’s Beach Club. Kitesurfing lessons are US$60 an hour. They also offer windsurfing, which, for beginners, can usually be done all year as only a little wind is needed. It is US$55/hour and a two-hour lesson should get you on the water independently, though instructors are usually happy to give you some extra teaching and practice time should you need it. Jibe’s Beach Club (which has a gear shop and rentals) is located at 90 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien, Binh Thuan.


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