Top must try foods in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta, the Western Region, has come into the harmonious combination of a little wind, sunlight, alluvium with a bit of water, warm affection from nature. Considered to Mekong Delta Region, tourists usually mention to floating market. But this is also the great region to try the best dishes.
It’s time for you to sail along the Mekong River to explore many interestingly different dishes which are simple, light, but quite impressive! Today, we are glad to share Top must-try foods in Mekong Delta with you! Enjoy the list, whether you are a first-time or an experienced traveler!

Top must-try foods in Mekong Delta

Pia cake

Pia Cake

Soc Trang Province


Along the main road to Soc Trang, it is easy for tourists to recognize a number of shops selling a round-shaped cake that are displayed along the road. It is called Pia cake – a specialty cake in Soc Trang Province
Normally, Pia cake has two typical types, the first one is sweet potato taste and the second one was bean taste. The process to make pia cake includes many steps and it requires a skillful hand and professional method from inputs to finished cakes…

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Lai Vung fermented pork roll

Nem Lai Vung

Lai Vung, Dong Thap Province


Nem Lai Vung – Lai Vung fermented pork roll speciality has been famous in Dong Thap province, it has special delicious taste. The sour fermented pork roll has sweet taste from pork, and sour taste from fermented stuffs. It’s eaten with rice vermicelli, dill and sauce etc.
It takes many steps to make a fermented pork roll. To make a roll, people have to grind fresh pork, slice skin, and then blend a mixture of grinded pork, sliced skin, pepper and chili and some other seasonings…

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Banh Cong

Cong Cake

Can Tho Province


Banh Cong is a popular traditional food in the Mekong Delta City of Can Tho. The cake is called Cong cake because the tool used to make this cake looks like a tube.
Can Tho Cong cake is a popular junk food loved by locals as well as people coming to Can Tho. This delicious cake will attract anybody due to its attractive look and aromatic flavor. The cake is made predominantly from glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, shrimp and green beans.The recipe is also simple. Rice flour and wheat flour is mixed together with water, egg, salt and onion leaves…

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Duong dua

Duong Dua

Ben Tre Province


In the southwestern region, coconut worms are most in Ben Tre, which is the home to vast forests of coconuts. Though they are harmful for coconuts, they are the raw material for processing many aromatic, fatty and delicious cuisines.
The living worms are dropped into a bowl of alcohol. After the worms emit contaminants, they are washed and put into a bowl of chili fish sauce. The living worms are fat and fleshy, which feels no different from egg yolk.

Coconut worms are also processed into other cuisines like fried butter worms, fried worms served with herbs, etc. But the most unique cuisine is coconut worms with sticky rice. Coconut worms are steamed on the sticky rice pot. When the steamed glutinous rice is done to a turn, the worms are also done. Sticky rice and coconut works are severed together, making a very special flavor. Many local and foreign tourists to the Mekong Delta find coconut worms horrifying, but those who are brave enough to try them all give good feedback.
Hu tiu Sa Dec

Sa Dec Noodle

Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province


Hu Tiu is a type of noodle with seasoned and sauté beef. Even though it is not as popular as Hu Tiu Nam Vang and Hu Tiu My Tho, the Hu Tiu Sa Dec still has a special position in the list of many gourmets.
The most important ingredient, the noodle used in this dish must be milky white, soft, sticky and fragrant. The sauce is usually made with pig bones. It is pretty hard to make because the cook must maintain a medium temperature and continuously scoop the bubbles out of the boiling pot…

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Mekong delta foods

My Tho Noodle

My Tho, Tien Giang Province


The main ingredients of Hu Tiu My Tho are meat, pig’s intestine, pig liver, sliced barbecue pork, dried shrimp, noodles and broth but the feature to distinguish Hu Tiu My Tho from Hu Tiu Nam Vang, Hu Tiu Tau or Pho is its accompanying elements. Instead of using lettuce, basil or other kinds of raw accompanying vegetables, people enjoy Hu Tiu often eat the noodles with bean sprouts, lemon, chili and soya sauce. Rice to make noodles must be from Go Cat – a famous rice growing area in My Phong commune, outskirt of My Tho, Tien Giang.

Bun mam

Bun Mam

Soc Trang Province


Bun Mam is original food from Soc Trang Province – South of Vietnam (belongs Mekong Delta). It is looks like a seafood noodles stew. A bowl of Bun Mam is a combination of all products from Mekong area, including Bun and Mam; the topping bits and the greens.
The Mekong delta is a biggest rice basket of Vietnam and Bun – the white noodles is made from rice flour. Beside the rice, Mekong is also famous for its fish. Mam is fermented from fish and that is the important element to make the unique pungent broth…

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Ca Tai Tuong

Mekong Delta


As a specialty dish in Mekong Delta, elephant-ear fish is always added to a list of many visitors who step into this region. Although its name sounds a bit weird because of its appearance which looks like an elephant ear, enjoying the fish can be a great experience. The dish is often found in many restaurants or kinds of homestay in the delta.
Of course, you are quite able to enjoy this dish in several restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. But, to gain its true flavor and taste, it should be cooked in a traditional Mekong style. At that time, the chef will fry the whole fish to crispy perfection. Then, it will be cut into pieces and served upright. To get the most out of its flavor, you should roll a piece of fish, pickles, and vegetables in rice paper and then dip the roll in fish sauce, lemongrass and chili.

Sau Dau

Goi Sau Dau

Chau Doc, An Giang Province


In Chau Doc – An Giang, the bitter La Sau Dau (or Azadirachta Indica leaf) is one of the most favorite vegetables to eat with Braised Fish, Braised Pork, Macerated Fish and Steamed Macerated Fish. However, the best way to cook La Sau Dau is making salad. It depends on the cook to use dried foods, pork, shrimp or fish to mix with La Sau Dau.
At first taste, the flowers are extremely bitter, more bitter than bitter melon, however the bitterness is soon lost in their unique flavor and slightly sweet aftertaste.

Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers

Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers

Dong Thap – Can Tho and  An Giang Province


Everyone comes to the Mekong Delta region know about this famous Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers (Hotpot of Cirrhinus Jullieni Fish and Sesbania Sesban Flowers)
The most important ingredient to make the hotpot is Linh fish that is required to be clean, fresh and fatty. To prepare a delicious hotpot, you should choose very fresh Linh Fish, then gut them thoroughly, clean and put them in a little for drainage. After that, the fish will be marinated with garlic, pepper, sugar and salt for about 10 minutes…

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Banh xeo - Vietnamese pancake

Banh Xeo

Mekong Delta


Among the dishes of Mekong Delta cuisine, the southern pancake is a stand-out.
Some wonder about the difference between the pancakes in the central Vietnam and in the Mekong Delta. The distinction is the size: the pancake of the Mekong Delta is much larger than that in the central region. In addition, the pancake in the central region is poured in a mold, while the pancake in the Mekong Delta is poured into a large pan.

The attractiveness of the Mekong Delta pancake is the thin crispy crust. When enjoying this dish, you will feel pieces of pancake melt right in your mouth. Fillings are varied, depending on each region but in the Mekong Delta, it includes bean sprouts, mushrooms, bacon, shrimp, chicken meat, chopped duck meat and other vegetables like leaf lettuce, Thai basil, mint.
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