Along the main road to Soc Trang, it is easy for tourists to recognize a number of shops selling a round-shaped cake that are displayed along the road. It is called Pia cake – a specialty cake in Soc Trang Province

Pia cake

Normally, Pia cake has two typical types, the first one is sweet potato taste and the second one was bean taste. The process to make pia cake includes many steps and it requires a skillful hand and professional method from inputs to finished cakes.

Firstly, flour is rolled over to create the cover. To have a thin cover with many layers, people have to process flour via many complicated steps like stir flour together, make it thin and then roll it over… And it is also not easy to make the core of pia cake, it should be carefully done from the step of collecting materials and merging them all together to creat a good taste and attractive scent for pia cake. The core of pia cake is done through the steps as follows: bean or sweet potato should be well-cooked, then they are grilled, and then they are merged with fresh durian and salted eggs. After that, the core will be put inside the cover of the cake, people will pour some oil on the cake before they are cooked.

Pia cake

To be merged from diversified materials, this specialty cake in Soc Trang has brought to tourists a very special and different feelings: the softness of cover, the neutral taste of bean, the sweetness of durian, the saltiness of salted eggs…

Pia cake

Nowadays, this cake has many types with different fillings made from lotus seeds, pineapple, avocado… Chewing a bite of Pia Cake, savoring a cup of hot tea, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of countryside will bring you time of joy and happiness.


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