Lai Vung fermented pork roll speciality has been famous in Dong Thap province, it has special delicious taste. The sour fermented pork roll has sweet taste from pork, and sour taste from fermented stuffs. It’s eaten with rice vermicelli, dill and sauce etc.

Lai Vung fermented pork roll

It takes many steps to make a fermented pork roll. To make a roll, people have to grind fresh pork, slice skin, and then blend a mixture of grinded pork, sliced skin, pepper and chili and some other seasonings.

Lai Vung fermented pork roll

This mixture must follow a strict ratio: 80% of pork : 20% of skin and wrapped in fresh banana leaves. This step of rolling this mixture asks for skillful hands because it must be wrapped not too thick or too thin, not too tight or too loose. After that people will ferment wrapped pork and skin in 3 or 4 days. Lai Vung fermented pork roll have natural sour flavor. The fleshy flavor of pork, crispy of skin, a bit spicy of pepper and chili combine to make the special and tasty flavor of Lai Vung fermented pork roll.

Lai Vung fermented pork roll

It would be a pity if coming to Dong Thap without tasting Lai Vung fermented pork roll. Despite the same formula of making fermented pork roll in almost regions, Lai Vung fermented pork rolls have special and unique flavor.


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