A district in Dong Thap, Sa Dec is most famous for its unique cuisines which reflect the remarkable culture and traditions of the southern province. In Sa Dec, you can find a plethora of delicious traditional dishes such as Beef Hotpot, Spring Roll, and especially Hu Tiu Sa Dec (Sa Dec Noodle).

Sa Dec Noodle

Hu Tiu is a type of noodle with seasoned and sauté beef. Even though it is not as popular as Hu Tiu Nam Vang and Hu Tiu My Tho, the Hu Tiu Sa Dec still has a special position in the list of many gourmets.

The most important ingredient, the noodle used in this dish must be milky white, soft, sticky and fragrant. The sauce is usually made with pig bones. It is pretty hard to make because the cook must maintain a medium temperature and continuously scoop the bubbles out of the boiling pot.

Sa Dec Noodle

The other important ingredients of Hu Tiu Sa Dec are the boiled meat including grinded lean meat, sliced lean meat, meat balls, etc. To decorate the bowl, the cook adds Vietnamese onion, cabbage, and coriander. Besides, eaters can also choose to have Hu Tiu with other fresh herbs and veggies, sauces, chilies if they want to.

Sa Dec Noodle

Sa Dec noodle and My Tho noodle are two most popular dishes in countless western specialties. Famous noodle soup of the western region has sweet taste, chewy and distinctive flavor. Hu Tiu is a popular and inexpensive dish in Sa Dec. You can find this dish almost everywhere in the district.

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