Everyone comes to the Mekong Delta region know about this famous Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers (Hotpot of Cirrhinus Jullieni Fish and Sesbania Sesban Flowers)

Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers

The most important ingredient to make the hotpot is Linh fish that is required to be clean, fresh and fatty. To prepare a delicious hotpot, you should choose very fresh Linh Fish, then gut them thoroughly, clean and put them in a little for drainage. After that, the fish will be marinated with garlic, pepper, sugar and salt for about 10 minutes.

Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers

Pour fresh coconut milk into a pot; add a few tablespoons of fish sauce, some sugar, scrap, tamarind in. Put in some fried garlic, some chopped coriander and then cook until it boils. Such tender fish can be cook very quickly, so you can put them into the pot whenever the dish is served. While enjoying the dish, you can dip as many Dien Dien flowers into the boiling broth in the hotpot as you like. You can feel how crunchy and sweet the flowers are in your mouth.

You can enjoy this special dish during the flooding season in Mekong Delta between September and November.

Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers

Don’t leave Mekong Delta without trying it. Dong Thap, An Giang and Can Tho are among the most famous places to try Hotpot of Linh Fish and Dien Dien Flowers.


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