Com tam – Broken rice is a Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured rice grains. “Tam” refers to the broken rice grains, while com refers to cooked ricetaste, like a citrusy beef soup.

Com tam - Vietnamese broken rice

Walk down the streets of Vietnam and you can’t miss the mouth-watering aroma of lemongrass pork chops sizzling away. The smoke from the open coal-fired BBQs will blind you but all is forgiven once you dive into the broken rice dish

No one can refuse the good smell coming from the street side. You also see broken rice is served in typically restaurant; they will serve a small bowl of sauce and a small bowl of soup broth or vegetable with this popular dish. It is one of popular Traditional Vietnamese food in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City. (See Top 15 Must Eat Dishes in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City here)

Com tam - Vietnamese broken rice

You can eat Com tam anytime, in the morning, afternoon or even at night. Com tam is usually served by street vendors who have extremely effective way to attract customers by fantastic smell of grilled pork.

The most basic version is known as Com tam suon nuong, the broken rice and a thin grilled pork chop, served on a plate and accompanied by fish sauce dressing, cucumber pickles, green onion oil, and chilies to garnish.

Com tam - Vietnamese broken rice

Some Popular Vietnamese Broken Rice in Vietnam:
Vietnamese Broken Rice served with Grilled Pork (Cơm sườn)
Vietnamese Broken Rice served with Shredded Pork Skin (Cơm tấm sườn bì)
Vietnamese Broken Rice served with Egg (Cơm tấm sườn trứng).
Vietnamese broken rice served with  Egg Meatloaf (Cơm tấm chả)
Vietnamese broken rice served with Grilled Chicken (Cơm tấm gà)


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