Bun Mam is original food from Soc Trang Province – South of Vietnam (belongs Mekong Delta). It is looks like a seafood noodles stew. A bowl of Bun Mam is a combination of all products from Mekong area, including Bun and Mam; the topping bits and the greens.

Bun and Mam

The Mekong delta is a biggest rice basket of Vietnam and Bun – the white noodles is made from rice flour. Beside the rice, Mekong is also famous for its fish. Mam is fermented from fish and that is the important element to make the unique pungent broth.

Bun Mam

Fermented fish whose blend is rich and savory flavors entirely improving the stunning taste of Bun Mam is the main ingredient that Bun Mam principally based on. Bun mam is originally used as one of the favorite dishes of the indigenous Khmer. Using Mam Bồ Hóc (one unique kind of fermented fish) as the major ingredient to make a heady and rich broth, bun mam is widely known throughout Soc Trang. Similarly, the Hoa and Viet prefer Mam Sac, a rather heady fermented fish, as another ingredient in order to remain the integrant taste of bun mam.

The topping bits

Along with the noodles and broth (bun and mam), the topping bits are equally necessary. This being the Mekong Delta, the local people here have a tons of choice for topping: seafood, pork, eggplant, lemongrass, tamarind…

Bun Mam

The greens

Normally this noodles soup will be served with many kind of shredded vegetables: banana flower, water morning glory, assortment of basil, lettuce and few other herbs. Those greens are easy to find in Mekong Delta as this area is based on agriculture almost.

Finally, once all the three ingredients – bun and mam, the topping bits, the greens – are mixed together in your bowl, there will be a war of flavours and textures.


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