A trip to Nha Trang cannot be perfect without trying a bowl of Bun Ca Sua which is considered as a type of rice vermicelli soup served with fried fish paste and jellyfish.

Bun ca sua Nha Trang

The fish chosen for making fish paste and broth must be fresh. And people usually make them from paradise fish or leatherjacket fish.

The broth is made from fish bones, so it is an essential element that makes the taste of the dish special. Traditionally, rice vermicelli used for Bun Ca Sua sticks together into small round pieces and each fibre of the rice noodle will be separated when put into the boiling broth, allowing diners to feel their softness. The jellyfish have a crunchy and crispy texture.

Bun ca sua Nha Trang

If Ha Noi is famous for Pho, Hue for Bun Bo Hue, Nha Trang is country-renowned for its Bun Ca Sua. You will not stand against a bowl of vermicelli full of tasty chewy fish cake, fresh herbs and dipping sauce for sure.

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