Sitting around the warm fire of coal brazier, watching the cook skillfully pouring flour into moulds , and then enjoying hot Banh Can in a windy day is an unforgettable experience for anyone when in Nha Trang

Banh Can Nha Trang

This tiny rice cake is very popular in South Central and South of Vietnam. This dish is made from rice flour, fat, onion, eggs, especially in Nha Trang , Banh Can also has shrimp, fresh squid. Rice is soaked in water until being soft then milled into liquid powder . The secret to have tasty, crispy cakes is when mixing rice flour, cooks often add a little flour made from dried rice.

Banh Can Nha Trang

The best way to enjoy banh can is by dipping it with sauce that’s made with fish sauce, lime, chili, and garlic. Some vendors offer banh can with raw vegetables, pork meatballs, and shredded green mango.

People who visit Nha Trang should pass by Tang Bat Ho, Le Hong Phong, Vo Tru, Van Don or Nguyen Thien Thuat streets or Dam Market to taste this rustic and special dish of the coastal city.


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